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Physical Capacity Evaluation (PCE)

The performance-based physical capacity evaluation (PCE) is an evaluation of a person’s ability to perform work-related and general physical activities. The results can be used to determine:

  • an individual’s physical capacity level
  • the client’s suitability for a specific job, or appropriate job performance level, as related to a job analysis
  • the need for specific work restrictions
  • further treatment recommendations for the individual

A PCE consists of a series of comprehensive evaluations and assessments to measure:

  • strength, range of motion and reflexes
  • cardiovascular fitness/capacity
  • lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling tolerances
  • positional tolerances
  • other functional abilities as deemed relevant

During the PCE, the evaluator explains each activity to be performed, and the client has the opportunity to ask questions. The client is expected to produce good effort during the evaluation, but they may stop or decline any activity which they do not feel is reasonable to perform.

At Momentum, PCEs are conducted by Rod Strom, PT CHT, or Kameron Barnett, OTR/L. The evaluation generally lasts from four to six hours.